Auto Wheels & Brakes Repair Services in UAE

When it comes to car safety, brake system is a topper of the list. Have your brakes regularly inspected to make sure they are in safe working condition.

Your vehicle’s brake components are wear and tear items which would require maintenance and replacements periodically or as per usage.

A thorough inspection should include brake lining wear, brake fluid level, discs and pads thickness, condition of hoses and brake lines, brake and dash warning lights.

Signs that you need to get the wheels & brake condition of your car checked: – Vibration or juddering while braking – Squealing noise from the brakes – Brake warning light is on the cluster – Inefficiency and brake grabbing – Low or spongy pedal

What to do when you experience the above conditions? – Immediately take your vehicle to a reliable service center in the UAE for inspection – Ensure that you are not driving below the minimum safety thickness of the discs and pads – When recommended, consider replacing the worn-out or faulty parts immediately

Your safety is our priority. Our car service centers can provide you with a reliable but affordable car maintenance services. Our one-stop-shop service centers are set up to provide all our customers with a positive experience and minimize your inconvenience

Points why you should consider our car service center in UAE:

– Highly Technical Team of Mechanics – State of the Art Facilities – Multi-Brand auto repair and maintenance – Advanced diagnostic equipment and automotive computer software

What are you waiting for? Visit Our nearest Car Repair Centre in UAE to experience our quick and reliable services!



Service Maintenance Contract starting from AED 350. عقد صيانة السيارة ابتداءً من ٣٥٠ درهم