Tyre & Battery Check Up in UAE

The automotive battery is a rechargeable component that plays a vital role in feeding the starter and starting your car. It stores charge that is generated by the alternator. Battery is an electrical component which could wear out due to its age, condition or misuse.

When do you need the battery checked or changed?

  • The battery is leaking
  • The terminals are corroded
  • The car hesitates from starting
  • The engine light is On in the cluster

How do I avoid getting stuck due to battery issues?

  • Ensure you’ve turned off all the lights while exiting the vehicle
  • Start the engine fully when using the air conditioning unit & stereo while on idle
  • Never leave your vehicle’s engine half started
  • Service your car regularly where battery inspection is part of its checklist
  • Get the battery checked or replaced as soon as you experience any of the symptoms

Save yourself and your passenger the hassle of getting late to an appointment, stuck in an unwanted place and the expenses of arranging a recovery by ensuring thebattery of your vehicleis in a good condition.

Tyres are safety-related components of your vehicle. These are the simplest part of your vehicle which is commonly neglected causing accidents & could appear to be in a good condition visually but could cause passing failures due to its age.

Common Symptoms that a tyre needs maintenance or replacement:

  • Often deflation of tyres
  • Alignment is off
  • Uneven wearing
  • Tread is below 1.6mm
  • TPMS light is On in the cluster
  • Cracks, chip marks, bulges & punctures

With these signs, here are some tips that you can do to properly maintain the tyres of your car:

• Check the air pressure and top up air when PSI is below standard • Get an alignment job done • Fit the correct size of tyres • Replace the tyre if needed, below the minimum tread of past the DOT

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Service Maintenance Contract starting from AED 350. عقد صيانة السيارة ابتداءً من ٣٥٠ درهم